Fall is a Great time for Landscaping!
There is still time, even in our short Jackson Hole summers for plants to take root, and with cooler days and nights, plants don't require as much water. Many of our perennial plants are on sale this time of year as well. Fall is also an important time to add a rich layer of compost to the garden to nourish and insulate it through the winter months. We offer special bulk rates on compost and other amendments.

Twigs has an impressive selection of beautiful late summer / fall annual plant varieties like mums, asters, ornamental kales and cabbages, and pansies that will refresh your tired containers and provide lasting color into the frosty season!

Planting bulbs and wildflower seeds in the fall will provide springtime color. Stop in today for an assortment of wildflower seeds as well as a variety of bulbs including Tuilips, Hyacinths, Daffodils, Allium, Crocus, and Muscari!

The Jackson Hole Farmers Market is will be running strong into October. Stop by to see what Sloan has in store, its all fresh and delish Thursdays - Saturdays from 10am - 6pm

And of course, Twigs has you covered for Halloween... be watching for a unique selection of pumpkins, gourds and festive decor that you won't find anywhere else in the valley!